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We understand a missing pet can be stressful. Please review the following information to help facilitate the speediest reunion.


By Hawaiian state law, any unlicensed dog found running at large or found upon any public highway, street, alley, court, place, square, or grounds, or upon any unfenced lot, or not within a sufficient enclosure must be on hold at least 48hours. 


Requirements to Reclaim


1. Proof of ownership through pictures and/or medical records before the end of the stray hold

2. Government-issued picture ID (the person reclaiming must be the owner on record)

3. If your pet is chipped, the registered owner must be present to process the reclaim. 

4. Filed application - Reclaim your pet.



To maintain shelter health Kaaawa K9 Rescue reserves the right to medically take care of the dog while in the hold including but not limited to deworming, tick/flea medication and vaccination. If owners are not found within 48 hours Kaaawa K9 rescue reserves the right to sterilize the animal in our possession. 


Please be aware there may be a fee associated with picking up your pet from Kaaawa K9 Rescue as the shelter provides deworming and tick/flea medication, vaccinations, food, water and shelter to all animals brought in. 


Any owner reclaiming a lost animal shall before the animal will be released, pay boarding, vaccination, and microchip fees as follows and as listed.




  • Regular impoundments is $10 per day. 

  • If your pet is being held for observation due to a bite or scratch to someone or another animal the boarding is $20 per day.

Vaccinations $10

To maintain shelter health, all pets are vaccinated upon intake and owners reclaiming their pet are subject to the vaccination fees above if not shown to be up to date. 

  • DHPPL $10

Deworming and tick-flea medication $20


Microchip $10

  • Microchipping your pet greatly increases the likelihood of their returning to you if they are lost. In accordance with City law, Kaaawa K9 Rescue requires all pets released back to their owners to be microchipped. A microchip fee of $10 will also be assessed, which includes lifetime registration.

Sterilization of Found Pets Requirement 

  • Kaaawa K9 Rescue shall conditionally release an unsterilized dog with the requirement that the owner sterilizes the dog within thirty days from the date of conditional release. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in legal action. 

  • If the owner does not respond within 48 hours of holding, the Kaaawa K9 Rescue reserves the right to sterilize the animal.

  • Fee of $100 will be paid if the animal is claimed after the sterilization is performed. 

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